Now A Commercial Break, Transfer Cloud to Cloud for FREE with MultCloud

MULTCLOUD FREE Cloud Transfers & Sync, Google Drive, Amazon Drive & More at MultCloud some limits

Recently, Ginger Cat Family had an opportunity to compete to put a new flea product on one

of our Family, probably Sweetie aka @SweetieTop, as she will try anything.

              We have declined this offer to compete  to pour chemicals with unknown side effects on our

Sweet Maine Coon. Instead we bring  to you a message from, well not our sponsor, but a really nice

and easy to use service to keep all of Sweetie’s beauty shots and childhood kitten videos, and of

course books in the CLOUD, for free yet.

               MultCloud(, a free web app which focuses on transferring and syncing across multi-clouds. Sign up to earn free 2TB traffic and there‚Äôs unlimited free data traffic waiting for you.

               I am adding to my FREE use by posting this blurb and no chemical reactions!


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