Nutri-Vet’s bottle of Salmon Oil Probiotics, Ginger Cat Family Loves It

Nutri-Vet 4 oz Salmon Oil, Wild Alaskan, with Probiotics

I am a frequenter of the Nutri-Vet Facebook Friday Freebie giveaway. I have won one to two

times in some years since they started this freebie.  We like to win when it is the Fan’s choice because

of the Salmon Oil with Probiotics. The entire Ginger Cat Family likes it. As a person with RA knows

the benefits of Salmon Oil in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids extend to cats as well. Probiotics, according to

what I’ve read from Vets are tailored to the particular animal, these are made just for cats.

My cats all love this. Warning, it smells fishy – but so does free stuff – this is real!

12 Products Given Away on Facebook every weekend

 The remarkable thing about this corporation is as their Fan base on Facebook grew they extended the

Freebie Friday giveaway from 1 product to 12 products.

Go over to their Facebook page and like them. On the weekend be sure to say thanks and click the

like the post link to enter for the Freebie win, tag some friends for more entries. The process takes

under 30 seconds, the win is always welcome!



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