Feline Stomatitis Update, Oratene Brushless Oral Care


As my last post indicated Peachy might have Feline Stomatitis. He was operated on last fall.

Two teeth crumbled when they were taken out. Right now it does not look good as less than

12 months since then he has plaque again. His teeth were also cleaned.

I’ve been researching the disease in cats and the prognosis is not always good. Generally,

the lose all their teeth. Right now Peachy is struggling with 2 less and I am struggling to get

him the high quality soft food he need, I often cook to supplement his kibble. He does not

like it soft. My concern is that he continues to eat well.

I have found one really great website with a forum at

Stomatitis Cats, Lilly Story & Stomatitis Forums

Please read about Lilly and the products she is using.

ORATENE Brushless Oral Products for Cats by ZyMox

After Peachy had his operation I made an emergency kit for him. I purchased Oratene

Antiseptic Gel for him in the event his sensitivity would continue.  I lost the unused,

new tube as we were Camping/Hiding from Drug Addicts. Yes, our life is complicated.

Oratene, must be some type of crazy great company because they replaced my lost tube.

This is not a review. As a former Professional reviewer in one of the internet’s top brand programs

I was tired of being given a deadline for reviewing a product.

Peachy & ORATENE Antiseptic Gel:

A recent visit to my Vet for a checkup showed Peachy has again some gingivitis.

Since he had his teeth cleaned less than a year ago, that was disappointing. It was a sign the

first impressions we had that he had Stomatitis, might be correct, sadly.  Peachy

was genuinely the happiest cat I’ve ever had until this. This is the first round of products

I have tried that are labeled for Dry Mouth.  I have also found Lilly’s website and might try

others.  A Dr. Becker, a female Vet, has a website and a youtube video with recommendations on

how to treat a cat with Stomatitis, it has to be done aggressively.

I have done what I can to keep his diet clean of grains and that is hard on my budget.

Peachy is in the introduction to the product stage now with the GEL. At first he hated it because

he does not like anyone touching his mouth. I started to use a sponge on a stick.  I used it for my Dry

Mouth with the gel on it. He attacks the sponge and chews the gel.  He makes faces and does not

like the taste but if in a couple of months he is showing less plaque, we will be back with an update!

Oratene also has a Liquid that is used in Water, Oratene Water Additive.  I use the liquid when

I put Goat’s milk on  top of the Distilled water Peachy gets. This ensures he is drinking  the water

with the additive. The entire Ginger Cat Family, 6 of  them get the additive.

Oratene Water Additive & Dry Mouth Products

The water additive appears expensive at first but it goes a long way. I buy distilled water, sometimes

using  the pump when I open the gallon of water. But then again, I drink the distilled as well so

it can also go right in the water. Big drawback in our cat family is Basset likes to dip her paws in

the family’s fresh water to clean them. 

I have days when the water gets changed often so some

of the additive goes to waste but it is better than trying to get them to brush teeth daily.

Thank you Oratene!




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