Feline Stomatitis,

Peachy  is  my   gentle friendly cat.  As a    kitten he was 

so cute I could not stop taking pictures. In the last year, as we exited the house from hell, 

see http://www.facebook.com/filmstudiofaux, his personality changed. Eventually he was 

showing signs of mouth pain. As soon as I received my 1/3 of my mom’s house sale I 

arranged for him to have mouth surgery.  My vet’s Tech said Peachy’s teeth crumbled as

they were removed.

     It was devastating because this boy had never shown signs of anger or nastiness 

until this point, but it has become obvious he is in pain. The surgery took two of his

five year old teeth. The vet’s office assumed I wasn’t brushing his teeth. No, I had 

stopped because of excessive bleeding and sensitivity I thought was just one bad

tooth. It is apparently his entire mouth and probably is Stomatitis.  At the time I

had serious concerns about Silver, for good reason.

    Right now    Dr. Becker appears to be the Vet with the most aggressive but

expensive, program to halt or hold back the loss of all Peachy’s teeth.

      I will be writing more about this mouth disease in cats.

     Stomatitis is a chronic gingivitis. At least two companies have products that

help with infections, but from everything I read the only solution is to remove

all the cat’s teeth. I can’t imagine having Peachy, my sweetest baby, in chronic

pain.  We have started in that direction.  He is quiet more often than before.

  Hardest thing for me or any pet parent is to watch a personality change in their beloved

pet because of illness. I keep him closer to me than ever. 


    More to come…but until then enjoy the pictures. He is also my biggest ham. He always

wants to be in front of the camera, since he was a kitten.

January 12th, 2017.   Cooking at Home for Peachy this week with my family. He loves soft food

that allows him to chew without some teeth.  Chicken breast in it’s own juice with peas and rice

but the rice gets left in the dish, so far Peachy loves this rest.

Cooking at home is always controversial at Vets.  I only feed cooked meat.

Dr. Becker’s stomatits diet rids cats of product a carnivore would not eat, for a natural diet. 

In bed for 3 days and not moving the Ginger Cat Family like the lazy life. Back to work Friday

helping their whoman, research a book.



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