Home & Heart: My Violent Life & the Times

In the last 25 years since my lawsuit against the New York Times, I have often blamed them for not living up to my expectations as journalists, for not writing the truth. But, I have forgotten to Thank them for allowing me to do just that.

Not many people know why I went to law school. Even fewer know why I really left.

Under 10, that was the age when I know that my government was using some type of behavior technology on veterans of wars. I even suspected it was used on former employees of the military, my mother being one. Even if that was specutulative thinking for a child, the adult I grew to be I am very proud of. 

Relentlessly and with no results in my teens I went searching for the answers to questions nobody wanted asked. Why was my peer cousin, who had been kidnapped – often ignored by women in my family. Why was abuse handled by silence. Why did I have a special relationship with technology. One I could not explain and would never stop searching for answers about, a fact that even lead to silence from the United Nations when I found the right questions to ask.

In my teens I experienced being told where the body of an Aunt was buried, in the back of the cemetery..no headstone. I drove a car to the back, stopped in front of the rows of flat headstones, exited the auto, walked up to the exact headstone.

Most often my adventure in anticipating or meeting with death were under different circumstances. The last I remember with gross anxiety was with the death of a child in Florida who was buried alive. I knew where she was before it was announced on any public airways. A knowledge I wholly attribute to misuse of satellite technology by the military.

As a fact the U.S. Military with the help of corporate defense contractors has a long history of abuse. The World Council of Churches in Geneva at one time took the time to recognize it and protest this but elsewhere in the religious world some churches embraced it.

It is always from Truth that fiction is written best..so this was the beginning for the Grey Nun, based on a true story. 

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