Don’t try this at home. On the road, literally with six cats.

Thirty years ago I walked into this town in Florida having lost a long time ambition to be an Attorney and regained an ambition to  tell stories in a different forum.  A few  months at the local paper I had that opportunity. I worked this shot out in my head before I went back at daybreak to shoot it. It was better than I thought it would be, front page of a paper.

A few years later I was blacklisted for my ambitions. In the thirty years following no work and no pay,  I was happy to be at home.

After a long and costly fight to save our home, placed under water by developers building up around us, and the death of their little sister, we are living in a subcompact damaged Nissan. Some adventures are fun and others only tiring.

This is my second family of cats, the first I found homeless in the woods. This family was born on my lap. We have been together twenty four hours a day, seven days a week since their birth. Because of the water problems in my mother’s home that time was often spent with drama. I don’t want to trivialize the situation. I did not leave the home one night in 15 years in that house. The exact day Silver died, I could not leave the house as the neighborhood and one street in and out of the subdivision was flooded. Her trip to the Vet was delayed by massive street floods.




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