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Welcome, Bienvenue to the Ginger Cat Family homestead. Now self publishing at and

Podcasting as the PodCats. As of January 1, 2017, 3 children’s EBooks and one PodCats is only the

start for this family of 6. Still happy and healthy, with one exception … SCREAMING…Sweetie has

sat in the litter box in the car one too many times, I am looking for a way out of the car life.

A family of cats whose mother, Purl, spent a month of her young life on

the corner of “Healthy and Happy”.   I brought her in from the cold Xmas week 2010.

Februrary 2011 Purl gave birth to 6 kittens: 3 Ginger Boys, 2 Calico girls and one beautiful Grey.

As of the Summer of 2016 we’ve published 3 Children’s Ebooks

Uncommon Discrimination


Podcat #1 is an introduction to Camping.  6 Cats, one Human and a coleman tent in the Florida Woods.  Podcats

In memory of Silver, baby runt of the family. Sensitive and smartest member of the family.

She died of hepatitis in the toxic household we fled in 2016. Love you Silver.

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